Prohibited and uncommitted business sectors in WTO


The same business sectors permitted for operation in other countries can be prohibited in Vietnam. There are also new sectors that investors can anticipate though they have yet to be regulated.   Prohibited business sectors For reasons of security, defense, economy, politics, culture and social, ect., Vietnam strictly prohibits investment and business activities in the following 7 […]

Investing in conditional sectors in Vietnam

Investing in conditional sectors in Vietnam

There are 243 investment sectors whose conditions apply to both foreign (FDI) and Vietnamese investors. Only when investors manage to meet the conditions of each sector are they permitted to invest in conditional business in Vietnam.   List of conditional investment sectors No. Business sectors 1. Manufacture of seals 2. Trading combat gear (including repair) […]

Investment incentives for business sectors in Vietnam


Investors with capital but haven’t made their mind up about which business sectors to invest in in Vietnam should consider those subject to investment incentives in order to increase profits.   Business sectors with special investment incentives Business sectors with special investment incentives are divided into 4 main groups with 27 specific sectors: Groups of business sectors Names […]

Investment support of Vietnam authorities


Investors may receive support with the considerable value when satisfying some certain requirements of each local area.   General support Assistance in development of technical infrastructure and social infrastructure inside and outside the fence of the project; Assistance in training and developing human resource; Assistance in credit; Assistance in approaching the land for manufacture and […]

Investment assurance in Vietnam


To assure the rights of investors when performing their business activities in Vietnam, Vietnam Government commits on the safe, transparent and advantageous investment environment to foreign investors.   Assurance on the property ownership Rightful properties of the investors shall not be nationalized or confiscated by any administrative measures. In the circumstance of proper reasons (national […]

Start a business in Vietnam


These tutorials cover most legal issues and investors’ interests when doing business in Vietnam. Articles are presented in a very short, easy to understand format: each paragraph averagely contains only two sentences with minimum legal terms and many images and examples illustrated. You can read Vietnamese versions by clicking the option available on the menu. […]